Centennial celebrations for S. Yizhar


Our theater group has been working with Yizhar’s texts since 2001. His rich, musical  language,  his subject matters, presenting man in his most vulnerable moments, have been an infinite source of inspiration for us. We created two full theatrical works based on his writings: Discovering Elijah and At Sea, and also staged some excerpts of Preliminaries.

Yizhar’s magnificent writings puts into words the depths of the Israeli essence. The sea, the mountain, sky strewn with stars, the people, the plants , the ants , the sounds, the shades of haze, the wars – all these crystalize into accurate, innovative woven linguistic fabrics that take you by surprise.

In honor of his centennial, that befalls on Rosh Ha Shanna, we shall celebrate Yizhar’s art – his letters and tastes and hints and secrets – with a wealth of literary and theatrical events: La-La-La  La-La-La – A festive evening that is a birthday party, presenting a mosaic of theatrical works that grew out of Yizhar’s magnificent world of words.The Adventures of Humit – a story about one ant (for children), RITZA, for choir, instrumentalists and actors  –  a story about a journey that was gone wrong and has become a whirling struggle with time, wind and sea; and Public Reading – meetings in which you will be invited to read, together with the actors of the group, exceptionally poignant texts in intimate reading circles.

Yizhar’s world of writing is a powerful world, casting a spell with its intensities, saturated with beauty, opening critical perspectives about the place we live in. We celebrate all the aspects of his work, that touches with fervor on the deep foundations of this country and its inhabitants, and at the  same time gives rise to penetrating , disquieting questions about worn-out clichés (verbal and social), destructive deeds and injustice perpetrated in our place.