A Local Tale – The Book

Experiments, explorations, questions, steps, words, concepts, tools and mistakes from the Ruth Kenner Theater Group’s work

Gathering, Composing and Editing: Adi Chavin

Graphic Design: Guy Sagi, Shual Studio


The book A LOCAL TALE , which marks twenty years of  artistic work, is an attempt to look at the creations of the Ruth Kanner Theater Group and the theatrical technique of Ruth Kenner through a multiple perspectives. All the group’s works are represented in chronological order, and are described through a collection of keywords that act as propelling concepts in the group’s creative process.

All chapters were based on a wide range of materials: texts by and from Ruth Kenner and group members Shirley Gal, Ronen Babluki, Adi Meirovich and Tali Kark, texts by co-creators and by researchers who accompany the group’s work, and materials from the group’s archives: costume and set sketches, lists, texts, reports, diaries, photographs, music sheets, and some experiments – invitations for readers to check or practice: to examine a technique in real-time, clarify a concept or question while testing a newly introduced theatrical tool.