By Aeschylus

Translation to Hebrew: Aharon Shabtai

Created by Ruth Kanner

Actors: Shirley Gal, Tali Kark, Ronen Babluki, Adi Meirovitch, Neta Nadav, Assaf Degani, Sharron Harnoy, Milli Ravid 

Music: Mika Danny
Musician: Avshalom Ariel
Dances: Shirley Gal
Spatial Design: Ruth Kanner
Lighting Design: Shaked Vax
Costume Design: Shirley Gal Segev
Production: Gbriella Willenz


“Do not madden our young men

With the hiss of the whetstone

And the dream of the plunging blade.

Do not swell their pride

With the dream of purging themselves

Of all their bodily violence

In the rapture of battle.

Do not addict them

To the drug of danger –

The dream of the enemy

That has to be crushed, like a herb,

Before they can smell freedom.”

[EUMENIDESlines 858-866]

Translation by Ted Hughes

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