Shmini Azeret, Speech Choir

A new work by Ruth Kenner and the actors of the theatre group: Shirley Gal, Siwar Awwad, Ronen Babluki, Adi Meirovitch | Development of “S-A-F-E-Z-O-N-E” poems: Alex Ben-Ari | Design: Kinneret Kisch | Vocal Arrangement: Ifat Ziv | Sound Design: Yotam Mevorach | Graphic Design: Avihai Mizrahi | Photos: Eldad Maestro | Production: Shira Yovel

Special thanks to all the speakers whose words created this whirlwind of a dialogue.


Documenting the swirling clouds of words that surround us reflects anxieties, breakdowns, emergency actions, dreams, and opinions—some sharpening, others blurring, and some colliding with one another. We gathered these words from WhatsApp conversations, dream journals, recordings of radio and television interviews, personal discussions with loved ones, encounters with guests in our studio, and chance meetings with strangers. They serve as testimonies, echoing from those who heard, watched, read, absorbed, were horrified, were shattered, debated, and reacted to events of October 7th and the following war.

From this multitude of sources, and by blending layers of time, our goal is to create a mirror reflecting the ongoing local narrative in which we are embedded, while simultaneously examining it from a multidimensional perspective.

We seek to represent the whirlwind of perspectives documented around us, while engaging with traditions that endeavor to articulate catastrophic circumstances. This is achieved through the theatrical practice of a speech choir: a polyphonic poetics that offers complex, sometimes bewildering insights, and challenges the notion of a singular, cohesive, and absolute truth.

The work is showcased at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art within the exhibition space “Shmini Atzeret,” resonating with and responding to the exhibition’s theme, which “seeks to touch on the edges of the disaster that violated our physical and mental existence on the morning of Saturday, the seventh of October […] perceiving the museum’s Israeli art collection as an accumulation of symbolic and material evidence attesting to the place and the time.”


Stage Manager: Eyal Nagler/Tomer Alkovi
Set Manufacturing: Dudi Workshop, LTD
Hebrew Linguistic Editing for Project Description: Michal Cristal
Advisor: Yair Vardi

The show was produced with the support of the Israel Lottery Council For Culture & Arts 

And a deep thank you to the people of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art who made it possible for the growth of our show in the ‘Shimini Atzeret’ exhibition space: Tanya Cohen Uziali, Mira Lapidot, Dalit Matityahu, Dodi Peleg, Tal Rosenberg, Yitzhak Koifman, Nitzan Nir, and Lior Gabai.


Premier Performances: February 29, March 2, 5, 6, 14, 16, 26 April 4, 10, 11, 17, 19, 25, 27

Tel Aviv Museum of Arts
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