The meeting includes three short workshops in small groups and a central theatrical event for all the participants. Suitable for 4.6-6.6-year-olds.

The Adventures of Humit 2016>>

A bilingual performance

A joint work of Ruth Kanner  and the actors of the theater group:
Tali KarkYara JarrarAdi MeirovitchRonen BablukiShirley Gal with participation of the children in the audience.
Design: Kineret Kish
Translate to Arabic and Language Advisor:
Yaser Abu Areesha
Scientific consultation about the world of ants: Ofer Feinerman

Premiere: September 2016


This is a story about one ant. We shall tell it together: actors and active children in the audience. We shall move, speak and create images of the enchanting world of ants, and in it the adventures of one special ant that carries a very heavy burden – an ant called Humit.

Observing the world of ants enables us to alternate between perspectives: contemplating the trails of ants through a wide lens, seeing the trains of ants like trains of words, and also through a narrow, microscopic lens that magnifies the tiny object and discover more and details in it. From such multiple perspectives, we shall make together an hour of joint creation, the hour of ants.

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