And other stories by Franz Kafka

A work of speech-theatre by Ruth Kanner
and the actors of the theatre group:
Shirley Gal, Ronen Babluki, Adi Meirovitch, Yael Mutsafi, Tali Kark
Word images: Guy Sagi
Design: Kinneret Kisch | Light: Shaked Vax

Premiere: November, 2013


… If only it were enough to lay down one word and if it were possible to quit with the quiet realization, that that particular word was totally full of your very essence.
Frantz Kafka, Diaries, 1910
The texts:
The Hebrew Notebook (The National Library archive)
Excerpts of the Hebrew textbook (of which Kafka learned) “The language of our people” by Moshe Rat
Out of the Octavo Notebooks: Two fragments
Out of A Country Doctor: An Old Page and Jackals and Arabs

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