Speech. Story.

Theatre Workshops for professionals


Touching Words

In this workshop, we will explore the action of speech itself: the connection between the body and the word, between breath and sentence, and the mechanism that allows the written word to become an active word. We will seek the active movement of text flows and how the touch of intonation and the rhythm of words create meaning. The workshop will also delve into techniques of shared reading where the responsibility for the spoken voice is a collective task. In shared reading, we will learn how to create and break patterns, expand the dialogue work to include the concept of time, and perform excerpts from literary sources where time compositions become an active element shaping the narrative unfolding.

Points of View

Every written creation, as well as everyday speech, carries a stamp—the stamp of the speaking voice emerging from a specific point of view. We will try to identify different points of view in narrative texts, examine how the choice of a specific point of view can influence the story and how it is performed. We will play with diverse choices of points of view and also attempt to narrate the same text through alternating perspectives. We will uncover the creative secret hidden in interpreting a surprising, daring point of view that may open up particularly effective possibilities when performing a specific text and unexpectedly illuminate the story for the audience.

Playing with Letters

We will engage in the actions of writing and reading letters. A letter is a written text, whether fictional or not, containing a dramatic situation at its core: a speaking character, a recipient character, and an unresolved element inviting one of them to write and send the letter. In the workshop, we will explore the basic elements leading to the creation of the dramatic situation from which the letter arises. The emission of words towards the other person originates from the writer’s point of view, and we will open it up in the workshop through interpreting the story embedded in the letter, creating alternating scenarios for word actions, and language play around the technique of “doing things with words”.

Story in Movement and Rhythm

We will embark on a journey between narrative places, using minimal means characteristic of storytelling theater: body, voice, word, rhythm, and prop. We will experiment with transitions between these elements, their construction and deconstruction, their interweaving, creating magical spaces through the power of imagination and creativity. Alongside movement work, we will also explore the creation of dramatic narrative worlds through work on vocal rhythms and speech. Within group rhythm circles, we will examine how the voice, with its infinite possibilities, can create and narrate any place and event, providing a supportive ground for shaping the story world. In this workshop, we will work with both improvised texts and literary excerpts.