Moderator: Ruth Kanner
With the participation of the Ruth Kanner Theater Group

The program was presented at Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem, in 2010
And at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 2010/11


Literature On Stage is a unique series of lectures about the journey of the written word, from the bookshelf to the theater stage. Each session is dedicated to the work process in which actors deal with a theatrical adaptation of literary text. The excerpts are taken from the writings of a selection of writers, including dramatized excerpts from the wonderful works of S. Yizhar: Preliminaries, At Sea, Discovering Elijah and more.
The sessions present unique stage techniques that try to provide a theatrical response to challenging, even impossible texts, among them literary works whose characters are animals and texts from the seam line between literature and philosophy, history and even physics.
Some of the texts presented on stage come from the rich repertoire of literary works that have already been adapted by the Ruth Kanner Theater Group, in Amos, Discovering Elijah, Landscapes are Never Lost, And Only This One Got No Cookie, and At Sea, and others are performed for the very first time.